Enhance and retain the visual appeal of your property all year round, through fair weather and foul, with professional landscape management.

Whether it is simple lawn mowing, spring clean up, fall leaf removal or pruning tasks, or more complicated weed and pest control, turf aeration, mulching, planting or winter snow removal, Wood Landscape Services has you covered so you can kick back and relax while knowing your lawn or landscape is always looking it’s best. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Lawn Mowing Services.
  • Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program.
  • Specialty Turf Application.
  • Turf Aeration.
  • Soil Testing.
  • Spring Clean-Up.
  • Bed Edging.
  • Mulch Topdressing.
  • Seasonal Flower Displays.
  • Annual Flower Maintenance.
  • Bed Weed Control and Gardening Services.
  • Mulch Cultivation.
  • Shrub and Tree Pruning.
  • Ornamental Tree Fertilization.
  • Shrub & Perennial Fertilization.
  • Ornamental Tree & Shrub Insect and Disease Control.
  • Fall Clean Up & Leaf Removal.
  • Snow Removal Services.
  • Holiday Decorations.
Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping management is vital for commercial buildings and commercial landscape maintenance is one of our specialties. customers and clients first notice landscaping as they approach a building. Landscaping must be fresh and attractive, corresponding with the business brand image to enhance the customer’s experience as they enter any commercial area.

Lines Landscaping understands the significance of continually attractive landscaping that accents business complexes, retail centers and campuses. As a landscape maintenance company, Lines understands that often a complex’s landscape is the first impression of a property.

Beyond the visual aspects, proper landscape maintenance can prevent safety concerns as well. Diseased trees can lose branches or fall, damaged irrigation can result in slippery sidewalks and winter weather can bring it’s own set of concerns. A landscape maintenance plan with a well prepared company can take care of these issues so your customers can feel safe in any weather condition.

Beautiful landscaping increases the value and appeal of the commercial property. Our landscape management service handles all of your landscape maintenance needs, providing professional workmen who take care of your grounds at a reasonable price.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Residential Landscape Maintenance is one of our specialities and a personal favorite. When our clients choose to have Lines Landscaping care for their personal outdoor spaces they know that Lines always goes forward. We provide a comprehensive maintenance plan that works for the customer.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Lines Landscaping provides landscaping maintenance and inspection for commercial and non commercial of the various components of your home’s irrigation system which saves you money and helps to protect and preserve our environment. Lines Landscaping irrigation system maintenance will inspect, test and identify needed repairs on all of your components. Our thorough inspections include checking for leaks in valves, pipes and tubes, either from weather, normal wear and tear or accidental damage from a tool, tree roots, vandalism, or expected aging. We also inspect sprinkler heads to check for damage from heavy objects, lawn mowers, vandalism or normal wear and tear. Nozzles can become clogged with dirt or other debris. Seals can wear out, causing leaks. Sprinkler heads can also be jostled or tilted or sink over time.

Lawn Care

With Lines Landscaping you have a well-trained team of landscapers who know how to care for your lawn property. Our lawn care services include lawn aeration, which perforates the grass with small holes and loosens soil. This process allows for better penetration of air, sunlight, water and nutrients to grass roots, leading to a healthier and stronger lawn. We also provide mowing services with sharpened mower blades, ensuring a clean cut and reducing tearing. We also make sure that edges or grass are neat and trimmed. In caring for your lawn, we can also spot animal, insect or fungal damage and identify the need for weeding.

Leaf Removal

Leaves can make your property look messy. In addition, leaves can make it difficult for the grass, flowers and plants underneath to absorb air, sunlight and water effectively. Leaves can clog up storm drains and when wet, can cause slips and falls on driveways and paths on your property. Lines Landscaping cleans the lawn, flower beds, planting and hardscape on your property, keeping them clean and functional.


Many homeowners don’t think about the need to maintain outdoor lighting systems, however, regular lighting inspections can identify and eliminate problems before they become costly. Lines Landscaping inspection services include checking and replacing burnt-out light bulbs, repairing frayed or cut wires, ensuring that exposed wires are buried properly, refocusing lights, removing dirt and other debris from light bulbs and fixtures, tightening loose components, repairing or replacing broken or damaged light stakes, checking the voltage of transformers in low-voltage lighting systems, checking and resetting timers, and repairing broken lights. Lines Landscaping will do full lighting system testing, ensure all lights are working, that moisture is not seeping into lights, and recommend any changes to your existing lighting.

Plant Replacement

Plant replacement can not only change the look and feel of your residential outdoor space, it can also improve the ecosystem if plants are using too many resources. Sometimes, plants need to be replaced due to age, insect damage, or accidents. Lines Landscaping staffers can recommend the right kinds of plants to spruce up and change the look of your space. They can also inspect your existing space to make sure that plants are receiving the right amount of water and sunlight, are suitable for the soil present, or need to be trimmed or replaced. Our relationships with local nurseries ensure that your new plants will be of the highest quality.

Plant Trimming and Shrub Pruning

Trimming plants and pruning shrubs is important for many reasons. Not only do these services keep your outdoor space tidy, they also help maintain good health; improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage and stems; remove dead or broken sections; and can restrict the growth or overgrowth of plantings. Pruning is a specialized horticultural practice that removes branches, buds or roots to help shape the shrubbery, improve or maintain decorative value, reduce the risk of falling branches or prepare the material for transplanting. Trimming of plants, shrubs or hedges maintains uniformity and helps to shape the items. Different plants and shrubs require different tools and techniques for trimming and pruning. For example, it’s important to use sharp shears to ensure clean and smooth cuts. By using the proper methods, Lines Landscaping staff ensure that your plantings retain their look, health, proper water and nutrient absorption and foster appropriate new growth.

Tree Maintenance

Caring for trees on your property ensures that the shade, fruit, and cooling breezes they provide continue for years to come. Tree maintenance also ensures that trees are kept healthy and strong, can remove problematic or dangerous branches, and shape the canopy you desire. Pruning trees removes dead, weakened, damaged of diseased branches; can help “train” young trees to follow certain growth patterns; lessens the risk of storm damage; and provides clearance and overhang on driveways, sidewalks, buildings and utility lines. Lines Landscaping can even recommend the best spot for that treehouse. If trees need to be removed, we ensure that the work is done safely with the right rigging and tools.

Weed Removal

From crabgrass to clover, weeds can ruin the look and use of your outdoor space. Lines Landscaping helps families maintain weed-free lawns, gardens and flower beds. We will safely remove invasive plants without damaging grass, plants, flowers or trees. Our programs focus on both pre-emergent prevention of weeds and post-emergent removal after germination. Our weed control recommendations will include the use of proper fertilization methods, mulching and lawn mowing.

Trash Removal

Lines Landscaping provides trash removal for commercial clients. Removing commercial yard waste and trash can be a time-consuming experience. Let us help with your trash removal with efficient, clean and quick pickups.


Reduce the cost of landscape maintenance with a proactive plan to eliminate weeds and pests-increasing the overall appearance and health of your landscape. As a leading industry expert in lawn care and landscaping, our Lines teams establish carefully calibrated, environmentally sensitive programs for the fertilization of trees and plants. You get a customized plan that is good for your reputation, your landscape, and all who enjoy it.

Lines Landscaping team completes their landscape maintenance work on time and on budget, making sure that grooming, equipment maintenance, trimming and repairs are done carefully and thoroughly.

Working Process

LInes Landscaping is dedicated to providing the highest quality service with the least amount of hassle for our clients. We understand that our customers are busy, which is why we have simplified all of our service processes. We make sure that our maintenance service is easy to set up and manage. 

Setting up a maintenance contract is easy:


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